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Art has the power to
Transform, Illuminate, Educate, Inspire and Motivate!

HBICC was established in 2015 by Deepthi Krishna and her husband Sreejith Nair to promote Indian classical dance, arts, and cultural activities including theatrical works.

Through this HBICC encourages the participation of talents and moulding young dancers. This program grew over the years and HBICC instigated the annual “Music and Dance Event (MADE) for a Cause in2017. Every Year, since then a charitable organizationhas been supported by donating a part of the proceeds from this event including ‘Cancer Society’, ‘Kidney Kids’, ‘Heart Kids’, and ‘Resource HB’.

In 2019, HBICC launched a production company called Krishni Productions and produced the first Indian Epic dance drama ‘Shakuntala” in collaboration with Cook Place Production.

This Successful stage production was followed by two more theatrical dramas “Sita Unsung” and “Takshaka -King of the Snakes” in collaboration with Hawke’s Bay Flying Trapeze in the following years.

Ken Keys, the founder of the National Youth Drama NZ and Shakespeare Tutor was the director of all these Theatrical productions.